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Commitment to operate in the context of UNFX money  digital asset exchange

Users are required to read all the provisions of this commitment before registering and to register only if it is accepted.

The users of the site accept that all their activities in UNFX money   are within the framework of the laws of the UNFX money   and will not carry out any activities outside this framework.

You are at least 18 years of age and have the full capacity to accept these Terms and enter into a transaction involving digital assets. You are not deprived the right to use our service and have the full capacity for legal action. If you do not meet the above condition, please do not register at our Platforms, otherwise the Company may suspend or terminate your account at any time.

KYC (know your customer) is required to use UNFX money   services and users are required to upload their correct ducuments. Obviously, in case of any violation in KYC, the responsibility of the offender is the responsibility and UNFX money   will have the right to stop providing services to the user and refer cases of violations to the competent authorities. UNFX money   is committed to protecting the personal ducuments of its users.

UNFX money users promise to use the services of UNFX money   site only for themselves and the user will be responsible for using UNFX money   services for anyone other than those who have not gone through the KYC process. The account number announced on the site as well as the address of the wallets to withdraw the passwords must also belong to the user and users are not allowed to give the address of the wallet to other persons.

UNFX money   users agree to cooperate with the UNFX money   team in advance in order to maintain the security of their account assets at the discretion of UNFX money   support experts.

UNFX money  users acknowledge that they are aware of the risks associated with investing in digital currencies and that they are aware of this and invest in it.

As an online digital currency exchange market, UNFX money   is not responsible for the way users trade and the profits and losses incurred And the user trades with their knowledge and awareness.

The user gives UNFX money  the right to make a legal inquiry from all the ducuments of the user and the documents provided, and in case of any falsification, discrepancy or fraud in the ducuments entered in the account, to suspend it until the final assignment is determined.

UNFX money  has no obligation to fat finger error, unrelated wallet address, unrelated network, and unrelated protocol.

If you would like to withdraw or deposit digital currencies, the user will be responsible for providing the correct wallet address. UNFX money  will not be responsible for any problems such as incorrect entry of the correct address, incorrect address, problems of the destination wallet and blocking of users' assets in the destination wallet.

Any cryptocurrency or token you deposit will immediately become USDT, This is not a platform for storing cryptocurrencies.

UNFX money  includes various functional components and capabilities, each of which is managed according to the rules and ducuments provided for them. For ducuments about these rules, refer to the pages related to frequently asked questions, user referral plan.

Privacy Policy

Once the user registers, logs in, and uses our Platforms’ services, the user will be deemed to fully understand, agree and accept our Platforms’ privacy agreement.

UNFX money will not disclose the user's personal information to third parties without permission.

Protecting users' personal information is necessary and important professional principle for UNFX money.

Personal information as well as all data including transactions and transaction information will be stored on secure and protected UNFX money servers.



Costs and fees

The cost of services and fees The financial transactions performed in UNFX money  are in accordance with the descriptions provided on the fees and service fees page

KYC(know your customer)process

In order to comply with anti-money laundering laws, all users need to verify their identity. KYC is done in five steps by submitting the relevant documents.

  • Email Verification: After registering with UNFX money , a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. By confirming this link, the first step of KYC will be done.
  • Confirmation of ID card or license or passport: At this stage, by uploading a quality photo of any of the above, your identity will be confirmed.
  • Confirmation of mobile and landline number: By entering the mobile number, the confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone, by entering the landline number, you will be contacted and the code will be given. By entering both codes in UNFXmoney , your mobile and landline phone will be approved.
  • Bank account confirmation: In this step, you enter your account number. Note that the account holder's name must match the image of the IDcard or license or passport sent. After this step, you will be able to withdraw from your UNFX money  account.
  • KYC image: At this stage, it is necessary to present a selfie in accordance with the specified pattern. This image is matched with your identity information through artificial intelligence technology, and if approved, your account will be verified.



Change in the rules

Any changes in the rules, terms of service, fees and similar regulations will be notified to users through the UNFX money  site.

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